Friday, September 08, 2006

Here are the pieces of dialogue I want you to use when auditioning. Notice I haven't typed it all out. Rather, i've given you the page number and then the first and last lines of the block of text. If there are other people speaking in the selection (and there are in most because I want to see how you react to other characters speaking to you), I will read the other lines during the audition.

There are 9 independent characters and the larger body of the chorus. You may audition for a part as a chorus member. EVERYONE MUST AUDITION FOR ONE OF THE PARTS BELOW.

(372, and in the middle of one of her speeches, not at the beginning) "So taken, so I am lead away...[all the way down to]...for reverencing the rights of man

(359-60) "Not a thing, by God!....No woman while I am alive shall govern me."

(361) "I did it too. If she'll allow my claim....But now we share an equal share of blame"

Leader of the Chorus:
(378) "There's fire and slaughter for you, King!...The gods, provoked, never wait to mow men down."

Chorus member:
(356) "What visitation do I see from heaven?....coming from the house, and just in time."

(367-368)"I speak for you, for me, and for the holy spirits of the dead...I commit you raving to your chosen friends."

(p. 351) King, I won't pretend I come at breakneck speed, all out of breath.......I mean, someone's just gorne and sprinkled dust on it--right proper thirsty dust--and gorne....done the ritual sir.

(377-378) "Majesty? Yes, thanks to me you are the savior of Thebes....He'll learn a little modesty in time, a little meekness soon.

(380-1) "Men of the House of Cadmus, and of Antiphon....Make of it what you will"

(381) Yes, good citizens, all of you, I heard:...I am no stranger to the voice of sorrow.


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